Necklaces like hairspray too

One of my favourite necklaces is also one of the cheapest in my collection. It’s chunky and over the top – total costume jewellery. On its first outing I was devastated to find that the metal chain component of the necklace had left marks on my neck, the cheap coating was coming off and it was completely ruining my look.

I took it back to the store the following day and hoping that maybe I had purchased the dud of the lot I requested an exchange. The store assistant suggested that it may just be the material (read – cheap coating) and in anticipation of it happening again said that I should spray the area with hairspray before use.

I adored the necklace so much that I was willing to try and what do you know? It worked! A few sprays of hairspray and no more marks on my neck at the end of the outing! Every few wears I respray the necklace and although it’s a bit annoying to have to perform such maintenance, I can’t be too disgruntled because the necklace gives back to me by being the perfect accessory with certain tops.