Morning dressing guidance

Even with the best intentions, getting ready in the morning can sometimes be stressful.

I’ve collected a few pointers over the years that have consistently come back to me in my mornings of need and have helped me focus through the stress haze that seems to be unique to such times.

From I HEART Your Style by Amanda Brooks

A good starting point for the morning is to ask and remind yourself:
What am I doing today?
Where am I going?
Who do I have to be today and who do I want to be?

From A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style by Tim Gunn

Look at your itinerary for the day, see which appointments you have and with whom, and dress for the highest level of expectation for that day.

And also don’t wear a completely replicated outfit as you’ll miss out on an opportunity to experiment with your other pieces. Throw on a different necklace, a clashing bracelet, big earrings or a scarf. Wear different shoes to the last time, see if it makes the outfit feel different. (I often fallback on tried and true outfits when stressed but this comment by Mr Gunn reminds me to explore my wardrobe and to give other pieces a day out.)

From Style by Lauren Conrad

Something as straight forward as a blazer can be interpreted a 100 different ways.

And from an unknown source

Remember that you have everything you need in your wardrobe, it’s just about mixing old things up and finding new ways to present pieces that suit the day.