Florandorder’s Organising Path

Organiser in Melbourne

In today’s fast paced world, being organised is an essential survival skill. Life is busy and being human increasingly reflects that. As an organiser in Melbourne, I help a variety of people.

Getting organised isn’t as simple as doing this or buying that. The urge to organise arises inside each of us in infinite ways but at the heart of the matter, is clarity. Grasping a sense of where we have come from and where we want to go. I love empowering others to find their clarity and move in the direction of “doing life their way”.

My organising philosophy combines four building blocks; developing mindfulness, encouraging minimalism, increasing gratefulness and sharing knowledge. I base my coaching style on developing and sharing essential life support tools.

There are connections in life’s everything and a strong link between heart, head, and home.

Often, people see the everyday human things as annoying yet necessary evils; I want to change that view. Incorporating and appreciating everyday things contribute to a strong foundation. Our living spaces and work spaces are projections of our headspace and heartspace. If someone feels stressed at home or doubts their grasp on time, all are messages of distress.

Making connections with a person’s values and needs make their waking hours easier and more productive overall. Approaching my own life in this manner has aided me so often, that I deeply feel the fundamental truth in this approach.

Organising from a young age

Organising has been a major aspect of my personality from the beginning. My family moved frequently and I was always the first one unpacked. I wanted to feel ‘at home’ in a new house and city quickly. I realise now that this was an innate means of getting grounded. To feel more at ease in new surroundings and getting on with life. As an organiser, my passion is to help clients discover the advantages of being organised and how they can contribute to becoming “grounded” in the same way.

In my mid 20s, I got everything in my life organised.

I reached out to experts and outsourced parts of my life. Whether it be style and shopping, fitness, finance, and establishing a self-care network. I structured my life to more fully support myself and as a result, was able to focus on my priorities. Because of this, I felt composed, cared for, and leading a more streamlined life. Life then had some challenge. Getting through them made me realise that essential life structures are paramount. Having them in place means we are much more capable of handling the unexpected.

Managing and organising my life has taught me invaluable skills. My mind likes structure and I can clearly see how structure benefits others. As an organiser, I’m passionate about helping clients find what gaps they have in their lives. We work together to find what works best to eliminate them. What excites me about this process is that it’s always surprising. It’s varied as to what one person needs as contrasted to another.  No “one size fits all” model in this field.

Becoming an organiser in Melbourne full time

In my last corporate job, the realization dawned on me that I was meant to be doing organising work.

What gave me the most satisfaction was assisting my colleagues in providing life hacks, connecting them with sources to achieve a personal project, or motivating them to improve their current situations. By the time I relocated from Canberra to Melbourne in early 2016, I had already begun working with clients on weekends and loved the experience of connecting with people during organising projects and helping them find tailored solutions. Since following my passion in Melbourne has provided me the opportunity to turn my full attention to organising. By doing so has increased client engagement and knowledge.

Recent study has enabled me to obtain coaching qualifications specifically designed for the professional organising industry. Currently I am only one of two Australian organisers with this qualification. It strengthens my philosophy that being organised is vital; the training has helped me deepen my connections with clients in order to help achieve their goals.

Organising Coach Christie Flora at Flor&order

Using the principles of coaching to tackle organising challenges

As an organiser coach I use the principles of coaching to tackle organising challenges.

Utilizing coaching techniques, I can respond effectively to the enormous desire that is just under the surface of a client’s initial request for organising help. florandorder empowers clients who struggle with too-busy lives, disorganisation, ADD, situational stress, or challenging transitions. By tackling challenges in this more in-depth way, the client is supported and encouraged. They get to explore what they really need and are better able to tune into their underlying, often partially unconscious needs. Helping clients learn to engage with their motivations, helps to embolden them to experiment with perspectives.

Mental clutter

One of the fundamental steps in getting organised is looking at the mental clutter that created the issue.

My recent training has made me better able to explore the immobilizing beliefs and personal barriers that a client is unconsciously grappling with. The next step is to discover new perspectives that aid in getting to the place or personal situation desired.

Kindness, empathy, curiosity and patience are incredibly important to the whole process. This leads to compassion and adding curiosity to the mix means we are able to gift ourselves the time and space to explore who we are and what is wanted.

Organising is a life time skill that evolves and changes through the years. It’s a basic tool for achieving a fulfilling and encouraging life. Finding stability in support systems and using order creation to develop and more fully achieve in life, are ideals I strive for and are what I love helping clients discover for themselves. And being an organiser in Melbourne has helped me flourish.

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