How to get started when you don’t want to

Life is full of things we want to do, things we have to do, and things other people want us to do. Often when something falls into either of the last two categories it takes a bit more of a push to get it done.

When my clients are feeling really stuck I turn to three key tools that help them take action.

Break it down

A client of mine jumped on her session call recently and said that it couldn’t have come at a better time as she was feeling very overwhelmed by the tasks in front of her. We went through the following six steps which helped her see the project as less daunting than she’d previously imagined. 

  1. What’s the project that you have in mind? And what’s the outcome.


  1. Brainstorm everything related to getting that project done.


  1. Organise those tasks into chronological order.


  1. Estimate how long each segment will take and assign parts to other people (if others are involved).


  1. Get the specific steps anchored to a date in your calendar.

Connect to your WHY

Have you seen the talk by Simon Sinek about connecting to your why?

The wisdom he imparts applies to so many situations. When someone’s feeling stuck, connecting back to the reason about why something has made it on to our task list is key. When we remember why we are doing something and hold that front of mind we see the benefits of our efforts.

Setting your own deadlines

Have you told someone about the task? Committing to it out loud works wonders for a lot of people. I hear it often enough from my clients. We’ll talk through the above points that I’ve mentioned and that will flow on to me checking with them on their progress. One client said “I think that knowing that I’m going to speak to you about some of these things helps me get started.”

And as another lovely client said, who also attends my Monthly Goal Setting Hour.

“I really love those goal setting hours, they really mean a lot to me, actually. It’s really funny because when we had set the goal and I knew I had to check in with you, I was actually able to do it. You really motivate me.”

If you’d like to discuss any of the above points or find another strategy that can work for you, you can always make time to chat with me. No pressure, no cost, and no expectations. You can book a time that works for you here.

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