Have you got too many tools?

In the last round of my four week course

“Four weeks to get your life under control” one of the participants expressed a desire. Their desire was to have one thing to look at to track all big projects and see their day to day.

The bones

They had a wall planner, a paper diary, Google calendar, Asana, and Keep Notes. A lot to keep track of and a lot to keep up to date. No wonder they felt scattered.

But it wasn’t because they had too many tools. It’s that the tools weren’t coming together into a system. Because here’s the golden rule, your tools are only as good as the system that lies underneath them. The system I’m talking about is that of capturing ideas, sorting them, and then tracking them to completion.

The bones of a good and simple system is that you have somewhere to keep your long term ideas and goals, your short term projects and reminders, and somewhere for your immediate daily list and to-dos.

Easy flow

Once you get this system set up the flow of capturing, sorting, and tracking becomes much easier. You also come to realise that it isn’t about the tools at all. So if you are finding that you are getting caught up in the nitty gritty of what to use. Zoom out a moment and take a look at the overarching system.

If you’re in need of some guidance with that check out this blog post or book a quick call with me. Let’s nut it out!

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