Three questions with an Arbonne Independent Consultant

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Nedda Daou

Arbonne Independent Consultant

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  • Writing down appointments is a great way to get it stuck into your head. To ensure you don’t lose that important note, make sure it’s in your digital calendar as well. By having a digital calendar, that makes it mobile – moving with you flexibly.
  • Like Nedda, I stick to brands I love and know that work for me. This cuts down on clutter and wasting money because it’s a brand I trust for quality, customer service and suits my style. 
  • Health and wellness should be one of your top priorities. When they feel in balance, the rest flows from there. Even if it’s as simple as organising your space to feel in control.
Working independently means you need to be organised.  You’ve probably heard, tried or already use Arbonne products, it’s a known brand throughout Australia. What’s not as well known is how an Independent Consultant organises themselves. I asked Nedda Daou three questions about her work and her organising process. I wanted to get an understanding of how, as an entrepreneur, health & wellness mentor, and area manager, she manages it all.
What tools do you use to stay organised? My business is all about connecting with people so I use Google calendars to track my appointments. I also have a good old fashioned paper diary. There is something to be said for writing things down. Arbonne has a wonderful CRM system and that helps me track my client follow-ups. This helps me to ensure they receive their goods, that they know how to use them and remind them when it is time to top up. I aim to have a personal connection with my clients and consult on their needs not just make sales so while I remember our interactions and their general health and wellness targets the system ensures my follow-ups are timely. My phone is also a key tool. I am often on the go, and it allows me to communicate whether I am in my home office or out and about.

How do you organise yourself?
Being organised to me is not only about physical space but also the space in my mind. When I was a bookkeeper and juggling kids, household, partner, & community work etc, I had a physically organised space but my mind was completely overwhelmed. So now my practices include organising my physical & mental space. Each morning I set myself at least 3 tasks that are not negotiable to be completed for that day. It is something we call “win the day”. Part of my routine includes meditation, reading & journaling to set my mindset up for the day ahead. I am very passionate about the Arbonne range and personally use up to 30 products each day, so it is important that I ensure I have all the goodies I need on hand. I generally put my personal orders in once or twice a month so I don’t run out of favourites. My skincare regime takes no longer than 90 seconds, & I have mastered the 5 minute make up face for every day. I keep my skincare in the left draw in order of use & makeup in the right-hand draw.  One of my key tips is that I only have the products I use in my vanity, it is no longer filled with copious bottles & tubes that have been in there for years and shouldn’t go anywhere near our skin!! I know it hurts sometimes watching all that money go down the drain on product that didn’t work for you but clear space equals a clear mind and makes for a much smoother morning routine. I highly recommend the cull. Into the kitchen for my nutritional supplements, morning shake and detox tea, the canisters are lined up on my bench, I like them to be easily accessible but also look neat. If I have an early morning, I fill the kettle, then take out my travel mug & protein shaker the night before, ready for a quiet and quick exit. We all try to be conscious consumers, but sometimes trying to figure out if we are making the right choices for the economy, our health and the planet is overwhelming.  Using Arbonne products has taken that burden out of my mind. I know we as a company tick all those boxes across our entire skincare, cosmetics, nutrition, bath & body ranges.

What three things could someone do so they stay on top of their general health & wellness? 1. Find a brand in alignment with your values & priorities They say we are what we eat, but the fact of the matter is, we are what we absorb. Whatever you put onto your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds so choosing safe personal care products for inside and out is vital. I am no chemist, so for me to stand in the aisles and read labels was not going to work. Even if I had the time, I couldn’t decipher the harmful chemicals from the safe ones. My advice is to choose a brand that has a philosophy in line with your values, (safe Ingredients, cruelty-free, sustainable, vegan, supports gut health) and stick to it. 2. Engage a Consultant Everyone’s body is different and a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Engage a consultant to discuss your desired skincare or health results so they can design a customised plan. Our consultants will give you the opportunity to try before you buy and we have a 45-day money-back guarantee so no more vanities filled with products that don’t work for you.  3. Do the little things every day- the compound effect Health and Wellness is about the small habits we do daily, not the intense Using quality skincare for a few minutes daily over a long period of time will give you optimum sustainable results. As is true for nutrition, choosing a salad for a day will not make a difference, neither will choosing a schnitzel. It is the habits we practice over time that determine our outcomes. Geoff Olsen writes about this concept in The Slight Edge. It’s the small daily habits that are easy to do and easy not to do. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about Arbonne products, please get in touch with Nedda on 0412 629 567. She is also offering my readers a complimentary mini botanical facial and consultation on your current skincare regime.

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