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It was a labour of love that we wrote, edited and formatted over Covid. It entertained us both for many hours (for which I’m thankful). The eBook aims to help small business owners fall in love with the process of social media when social media is the last thing they want to do. Our eBook promises that no matter who you are, if you apply the tools and lessons acquired from this book, you will have the potential to harness the benefits social media can bring. This unlocks the entrepreneur within and enables you to create the business you want, do work you enjoy and attract an audience aligned with You.

Thinking ahead

Why am I bringing this up (besides shamelessly plugging it)? Because at its core, one of the messages is about stocking up. Doing what you can ahead of time so that you have stuff ready to go in case life (that old chestnut) has other plans. In Amplify the Introvert we talk about stocking up content, photos, and ideas – all the things required to maintain a social media presence. Stocking up is a technique that I speak about often with my clients – and not just in relation to social media and general marketing. Observing your role and its needs may highlight some areas in which you can stock up ahead of time which then makes your life easier in the long run.

Recently, the idea of stocking up came up in another way for a client of mine. Trying to keep on top of caring duties for two family members, managing her own health condition and self-care, as well as studying, she had a lot going on! Workshopping her stresses led us to find a solution that involved checking the levels of all family members’ medications and other chemist needs. By making this a regular routine she could stock up before anyone’s supply ran out. Getting out in front of the stress by stocking up put her back in control and meant that she avoided having to do last-minute exhausted runs to the chemist. This is a strategy that she’ll be applying to many areas of her life.


Now, since I shamelessly plugged my eBook here, I invite you to comment below and share a brag with me!! Celebrate something about yourself, no matter how big or small it seems.

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