Do you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing?

It helps us recognise the edges of your capacity so you can more accurately allocate your capacity in the future. Feeling overwhelmed does not mean that you are inadequate. It’s simply information about your current capacity.

mental goal

When we’re in ‘overwhelm’, everything feels heightened and quite rushed in your body and around you. You may find that you’re rapidly talking, rapidly eating, rapidly opening and closing tabs, and jumping from one thing to another. At times when I feel this sensation overtake me I remind myself of my fundamental goal. Bringing things back to basics in this way clears the fog and simplifies things for that voice inside that is possibly screaming to do this and do that!


For example, if I’m feeling overwhelmed in business, not sure which priority to tackle first or having to adapt to unexpected tasks or stressed about income etc, I take myself back to my fundamental goal of why I started the business in the first place. I want to make a living helping people manage their time, help them achieve all that they set out to do, and ensure that they love their everyday lives. Boiling it down to its simplest form I’m able to then decide what’s important and what will get my attention. And that’s what I’ll focus on.

Anchor point

Distilling goals isn’t just a New Year thing but an anchor point. It helps you in times of overwhelm and in times of doubt. Honestly, it seems that the voice that will panic and run around like a headless chook ‘doing overwhelm’, just needs some assurance that you’ve actually got some sense of where you’re heading so it can stop worrying so much. That clarity, that transformation from feeling like a headless chook to feeling super aligned and successful – it all starts with becoming crystal clear on your goals. To help with that I’ve got a “Life Goals Planner” tool which seriously helps!
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