How to use the Google Calendar Duplicate feature

Have you ever needed more than one copy of an event in your Google Calendar?

Or have you needed to create an event very similar to one already in your calendar? By using the ‘Duplicate’ feature on Google Calendar doing this is easy. Here’s how you do it… and don’t worry, if you’re on Outlook I’ll talk about how you can do this in there too.


After you’ve created the initial event in your Google Calendar, you’ll find next to the title of your event, the ‘More Actions’ drop down option. Click on this and find ‘Duplicate Event’. Once you have selected ‘Duplicate Event’, a new event will be created and you’ll be able to make any changes to it that you need to do to reflect its individuality. 

This is now a new calendar event with the same details as the original.  Items that may need to be changed (depending on the circumstance) are the time of the event, the date of the event, the guests that were originally invited, and colour code application.

And if you’re on Outlook you can use the good ole Copy and Paste keyboard shortcut to do the same thing! Simply highlight the meeting in your Calendar and simply copy it by hitting Ctrl+C, and then paste it to your preferred time by hitting Ctrl+V. So easy!


Three ways I use this feature:

1. To remind me to touch base with someone after a meeting sometime in the future

What I do is duplicate the event, make it an ‘all day event’, and remove the participant before changing the date to 4 – 6 weeks in the future. That way when 4 to 6 weeks roll around I have a reminder in my calendar to reach out and touch base with that person about something we may have talked about (make sure to add this to the calendar event description area) or to remind them of our connection.

2. When I observe myself and my time usage I’ll often duplicate events in my calendar to ensure that my reality is properly captured.

Note: Be careful to avoid duplicating events that repeat – I’ve fallen into that trap myself a few times and it gets messy! Best to stick to duplicating individual, stand-alone events.

3. When a wonderful catch-up with a friend is coming to a close, I will duplicate the event and then and there, my friend and I will make plans for the next catch-up. Done! No fussing back and forth! 

Will you start using the Duplicate feature more than you have been having read this article? Let me know in the comments below! And if you want more handy hints, book a quick call with moi!

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