Scheduling time for you

A friend of mine has always been an inspiration to me in the way that she plans nights in just for her. When asked if free on a Friday or Saturday night she’ll confidently answer ‘No, sorry, I’ve got plans.’ To her close friends she goes as far as saying ‘I’m having a me night.’ This may just be a night to do some body maintenance things, catch up on some TV shows or enjoy some take out on her own.

The reason that this inspired and continues to inspire me is that I would often want to do this but would give in to invitations due to FOMO (fear of missing out) and also not holding my ground in valuing these plans with myself. I’ve got better at stating confidently that I have plans, rather than mumbling it guiltily but I sometimes still do cave. I know that I am a better human when I take some time out just for me to regroup and a method that has really helped me towards doing this more and more easily is to schedule the time into my calendar. I mark it up as I would with any other catch up and find that I stick to it because it’s in my calendar.

I also make attempts to incorporate indulgence into most elements of the night. I fell in love with the following suggestion and the notion that surrounds it:

“Wear something outrageous to hold your hair back while washing your face.” 

By making the simple things indulgent it triples my anticipation of staying in. I get excited about watching a specific episode, trying a new product, putting on fresh pjs, treating myself to a bag (yes, A bag) of Pods, or having a lovely meal.

It’s thanks to my friend that I recognise that scheduling time for yourself should be taken just as seriously as other engagements. So if you’re not already, take it seriously – organise it in, get it into your schedule, and reap the benefits.



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