Who do you think you are?

as well as time management skills – especially good calendaring skills. Getting to know one’s self is one of the unspoken tools of Time Management and it serves well beyond the scope of productivity. Often people are looking for a silver bullet, a magic app that will sort out their lives but (sadly) there’s no such thing.

Observe yourself

We’re all so different that it’s unrealistic to say that one way will work for everyone.

Take this case as an example. At a recent talk I asked the group if they preferred multitasking or working on one thing at a time. There were people in both camps and one person said that they felt such relief to be told that it was okay for them to prefer multitasking. Having heard often that multitasking doesn’t work, their own experience that it does work for them was, understandably, confusing. 

I spoke about a client of mine and their tendency to fall down the rabbit hole here. Through coaching we were able to help my client utilise this tendency rather than try and deny that it happens for her. Check out this video I made on the topic.

By starting to understand yourself more, as well as appreciating your unique relationship with time,  you’re able to expand time. Sounds crazy I know, but by building a schedule and working to a rhythm that works for you – it creates this illusion of ‘making’ more time. By building a schedule that reflects you and your needs, it becomes less about what you think you should do and more about what is right for you.

Three opportunities

Below are three self-exploration quizzes and exercises that I’ve found really help clients understand themselves and their habits more. 

1. The 4 Tendencies Quiz 

This short quiz poses questions meant to identify how you respond to expectations and takes about ten minutes to complete.

2. The VARK Questionnaire 

This questionnaire helps you identify how you best learn and then suggests strategies to use.

3. HOLA – revamped… 

Tooting my own horn here! This exercise helps people get an overall picture of their life, and helps them decide where to focus their time and energy.

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I’d love to hear what you learnt from having done one, more or all of these quizzes and resources. Or if you need more guidance as to how to apply this self-awareness, feel free to book in for a call with me, click here to book in for a 30-minute chat.

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