Conquering FOMO at Work: How to Stay Productive and Maintain Focus

I recently was feeling torn between two tasks.

I couldn’t focus on either properly and they both seemed to be equally important. As a result, I was all over the shop. I realised that what I was feeling was “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO). But in the context of my work!

I know that FOMO is pretty normal and typically associated with the fear of missing out on social events, exciting experiences, or the latest trends. But it can manifest in the professional realm, too. Let’s dive into my story and the valuable lessons I learned about maintaining focus and productivity.

The FOMO Dilemma:

So, there I was, facing two equally important tasks, feeling pulled in two different directions. I was working on one task, but my mind kept wandering to the other. It was as if I had a severe case of FOMO in the work sense. This constant tug of war was affecting my productivity and preventing me from giving my full attention to either task.

The Power of Focus:

As a time management coach, I know that focus is where the magic happens. To break free from this FOMO-induced distraction, I realised that I needed to pause, take a deep breath, and assess my priorities. Why was I feeling torn between these tasks, and was one more conducive to my goals than the other?

During this reflection time, I made a crucial realisation – both tasks held value and it didn’t really matter which one I tackled first. In fact, this indecision might have been a significant part of the problem. I needed to choose a starting point and commit to it fully.

Taking Control:

With this newfound clarity, I decided to focus on the task I’d already made significant progress on. By completing it, I knew I could free up mental space to fully concentrate on the other task. This deliberate decision allowed me to regain control over my day and optimise my productivity.

Have You Experienced Work FOMO?

Now, I want to hear from you! Have you ever felt that work-related FOMO? The kind that leaves you torn between tasks and unable to focus? If you have any tricks, strategies, or experiences to share about breaking free from this productivity-sapping spiral, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your insights could benefit not only me but others too!

FOMO can sneak into our professional lives, just as it does in our social lives. But recognising it and taking action to regain focus and productivity is essential. By evaluating your priorities and committing to one task at a time, you can conquer FOMO and ensure that your workday is as productive as possible.

If you need a helpful guide to eliminate overwhelm, book a quick call with me and let’s have a chat about what that might look like.

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