Professional Development: When do we find the time?

There is so much professional development information out there that you COULD be digesting. It truly is overwhelming. From books, podcasts, blog posts, and newsletters. The list is huge. I feel this overwhelm regularly and it’s something that comes up as an issue for my clients too. There feels like there’s a lot to be […]

What does “use your calendar” mean?

I was speaking with a friend the other day about calendaring. She admitted that she needed to use hers more and was curious that I said I “lived in mine”. So I thought I’d tease that out here. My calendar is a living document. As well as guiding me on future movements, it’s pretty much […]

The importance of sleep on productivity

The 27th of July in Finland is National Sleepy Head Day. This quirky Finnish tradition began in the medieval period when the belief was that the person in the household who slept late on this day would be lazy and non-productive for the rest of the year. Back in ye olde Finland days, the last […]

The power of Just Doing It

Have you ever seen a small child at Christmas or on a birthday open present and after present and then be disappointed once the stack is all opened? Need an example or a reminder…? Check this out. Double handling It’s as if the anticipation of opening the present was more exciting than the actual item […]

Time Management Coaching is my Geekness

July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day. What does it mean to be a geek? The word, like many, has evolved over time but in today’s society, it means being completely obsessed with one or more subjects. Productivity is mine. So I’d like to take a walk down memory lane and look at some different […]

How to worry less

Have you heard of the quote: “I AM AN OLD MAN AND HAVE KNOWN A GREAT MANY TROUBLES, MOST OF WHICH NEVER HAPPENED” -MARK TWAIN The quote is essentially calling out the internal process that we all sometimes experience where we imagine, and ultimately feel, the stress caused by running tormenting scenarios that never come […]

How to complete a simple monthly review

Taking the time to stop and reflect sounds like a luxury but as is well known, planning saves time. So let’s take a few minutes to review your month so we set you up for a successful one ahead! A great time for reflection And not only is it the end of June, but it’s […]

Use time management skills to streamline your life admin approach

I recently was a guest on the Life Admin Life Hacks podcast A podcast that gives listeners back time, money, peace of mind and household harmony. In this episode, we talked about many aspects of time management. The highlights of our chat included: The highlights the way we live our lives is changing and we […]