You know you’re an organising geek when…

Your guilty pleasure is to stroll the aisles of OfficeWorks on your way home from work.

I adore it. I feel inspired and there is no aisle I don’t like. I like looking at the new products and new colour ranges of notebooks and writing utensils. I also like the way the store rearranges the aisles every so often, which suddenly make items reveal new potential when seen in a different light.

My most recent OfficeWorks stroll paid off and solved a problem I’d been percolating over for weeks. The feeling of achievement just made me so happy I was running off of it for several days.

A while ago, I made a makeshift shelf out of a plastic food container to make better use of my bathroom shelf. It does the job but the crudeness of my cutting job has annoyed me and I’ve been trying to find an alternative ever since.



I’d contemplated options in the dollar stores and I’d spent time in Big W. I was thinking about in trays, small kitchen wire shelves, things that I could turn up side down to create a shelf. But it was OfficeWorks’ latest arrangement that brought a brochure holder to my attention. I picked it up and I started to get that feeling. That feeling that lets me know that I am on to something. I turned it over, I got my measuring tape out with eager hyper fingers and it was perfect. What I love about it too is that it creates two smaller sections on either side for smaller items.



An even better solution may present itself at some point but for now, this makes me smile every time I see it.