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Every industry expert needs to be organised

florandorder started out as a blog where I would share my tips and tricks for being organised. Throughout the years, I was approached by people wanting help and I realised it could be more than that, it could be a business! When I took the leap to make it into a business, I was nervous but also excited. I expanded across social media platforms and moved from Canberra to Melbourne – here’s a quick snapshot of that story.

In this blog, you will find a variety of topics that revolve around productivity, being organised and managing your time. A regular series I have developed is called “3 Questions with…” as I talk and learn from other small businesses.

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Some of the questions I asked these industry experts are:

  • What tools do you use to stay organised?
  • What three things could someone do so they stay on top of their general health &
  • What things could someone do so they stay on top of their finances?
  • How do you organise yourself so you stay well amongst running a clinic and managing everything else?
  • What three things can people do for better health?

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Featured industry experts:

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