Summer dilemmas and savers

This summer I cracked the sunscreen dilemma that I dread every year. For everything that sunscreen does I can’t help but still dislike it; the feel, the application, the ticking down of the clock till you need to reapply. Well, this year I tried Le Tan’s Coconut Lotion 50+  and I feel that my problem has been solved.

Le Tan’s formula is light weight, non-greasy and smells amazing. I’ve been applying the lotion a few minutes before choosing my outfit for the day and I haven’t experienced any marks or damage to my clothes. When needing to apply later in the day, I have found that the light weight formula makes it a pleasant experience and not something I keep putting off till usually it’s too late (something I find I do too often with other sunscreens).

I bought the 1 litre pump bottle (such great value!) and transferred some into a spare Human Gear Go Toob container. These containers are fantastic when travelling and I’ve barely noticed the additional weight in my bag for daily use. Go Toobs are made from a very nice silicone that makes it extremely easy to dispense lotions and it’s not even a passing thought that a leak may occur. I completely trust these containers and now I’m feeling loyal to Le Tan as well. Win win.