Try out your options

I had an eye exam the other day.

As the optometrist was asking me which lens was better, Option 1 or Option 2, I was reminded of the power that trying offers us. If you’ve had an eye exam yourself recently, you might recall that towards the end of the exam, when the options are getting very very similar, it’s hard to tell which option actually is better. At some stage, I swear I could have just been flipping a coin. There was very little difference between them. But then the optometrist threw another option in the mix and it wasn’t till I’d seen that one that I knew for certain that the previous option was better for me.

Walking in their shoes

This experience struck me as being similar to helping clients find the processes that are right for them. Just like the eye exam where the optometrist can’t simply hand me glasses that worked for the previous customer and expect them to suit my eyes. It’s the same when it comes to tools and systems – there are no silver bullets. Everyone’s different and what we need is different. 

Essentially I get an intimate understanding of how my clients are living their life. I step into their shoes and have a look at how they run their day-to-day. I explore and see how they function in all their different roles. From the discussions that my clients and I have, I can intimately understand what they do which helps me better understand how I can help them.

Figuring it out

I recall helping one client find a task management system that suited her needs. Over several months I worked with her to explore her options. She would run with an option for a bit and we’d focus on other aspects of her business and life that needed attention. We’d then come back to the task management system and see how the trial run went. Taking the parts that she liked (categorising, the timing of planning, reminders in place) and tweaking parts that weren’t working (ditching apps that had become complicated, preferring paper to digital), we set her up with another trial run. 

My client trialled several systems and processes until we found a solution that worked for her. It was such a nice moment when we realised that her patience had paid off. This is what she had to say about the process: Thanks so much for all your support across the last however many sessions, and especially for yesterday. I worried I was a bit all over the place but it’s really feeling like we’ve figured out an approach that will work for me going forward.

So if you are worrying about finding the right fit taking too long, or not loving a tool or system that you are currently using, take heart and have courage to try another option. It might just be the right fit, or like my lens’ it may confirm that your current process is the one for you!

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