Reflecting on dropped activities

What’s something you used to do but have dropped for some reason?

What’s something you want to add to your week but it seems like you never have time?

The Only Constant

Prior to the Pandemic (and before having a completely online business) I used to milk my commute time to an inch of its life. I no longer have that built in regular time to catch up on texts, messages or audiobooks now. As a result I’ve had to deliberately create a routine and system that ensures that I check all my inboxes regularly and keep on top of communications. I’ve also had to reflect on whether audiobooks are for me and find another way to incorporate them into my life, although on a reduced scale.

Life is always changing. Change is the only constant. As a Control Freak in recovery, I love being reminded of this. It weirdly gives me something to hold on to. Most times the spanner is not as drastic as a global pandemic but everyday people are needing to revisit how they do things, their priorities and where they spend their time.

Going back to my earlier question, what’s something that you used to do but have dropped for some reason? Reflect on what you gained from it (focus on the reward) and what was it that made it easy to do in its last reiteration? How can you implement that into your current reality?

One of my favourite outcomes of helping my clients is helping them find a way to incorporate something back into their weeks that has either fallen out or been a lifetime dream. If you need further help with this, reach out and book a quick call with moi!

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