Phone Home Screen Refresh

Smart phones can become easily cluttered, what with all the apps available for download and the important role that they play in most people’s lives.

Every so often I like to clear my home screen to refresh my relationship with my phone and to take stock of my apps.

This is a technique that I’ve used on my Samsung phones and I’ve trialled it on a couple of iPhones as well.

  1. Before clearing anything, make sure that everything on your home screen is available in the Apps menu (maybe even take a screen shot just to be safe).
  2. Hit the Menu key to take you to the edit Home Screen Tabs and remove all the Home Screen pages (this will give you a blank screen when you next unlock your phone).
  3. Enjoy the momentary blank canvas that is now your phone.
  4. Start filling in the canvas – as you go to message someone, take a photo, flick through Instagram or add an event to your calendar, whatever the action may be, add that program’s widget to your home screen.
  5. Over the course of a few days your home screen will soon support your most important apps. Plus there’s the added bonus of feeling like you have a new phone for a little while again (or so I always feel anyway).

This is also a great opportunity to go through and uninstall any apps you haven’t touched in a while, this frees up storage memory and allows your phone to work that little bit faster.

Have a go and let me know how it felt!