The best time to set goals for yourself

to better improve their relationship with time. Holistically means that we acknowledge that we don’t leave our personal life at the door the moment we go to work. And we can’t stop all thoughts about work at the flip of a switch when we’ve logged off either.


I coached a client recently who shared with me that he felt guilty for doing a calendar check at night time. He said that his morning check wasn’t working but his evening check was. He said that it felt natural to be enjoying some TV with family and to just casually go over the next day during an ad break. But he felt bad for doing this at night and started justifying himself. I stopped him and pointed out that it’s not that he’s ‘doing work’, he’s simply looking at his life as a whole, reminding himself what’s on for tomorrow in terms of his kids and partner’s needs, his business whereabouts and his social life. So it’s a life check – not ‘doing work’.

Balance isn’t about compartmentalising work from socialising and family, it’s making sure that you have time in all of your areas of your life that are important to you. So looking at the calendar ahead of time just to be aware of what’s going on the next day is whole life management.


I digress though. Yes, all parts of our lives should be accounted for and treated equally, but goal setting for different areas doesn’t need to occur all at the same time.

For myself, I find setting and realigning with my personal goals works best in conjunction with the calendar year. Come January 1st I am all about feeling reconnected to my health and wellbeing goals, my social goals, my personal growth goals. Set me up!

But in terms of career and business goals, I’ve found that following the financial year works wonders. In my line of work, I need to be switched on for people jumping on their New Year resolutions to get more time organised so my business mindset needs to keep going, uninterrupted, across the holiday season. I can personally take a break but my business goals need to be continuous over this time. Come the end of June, it’s the perfect time to take a break from the business, reflect and learn, and then plan for the coming financial year’s success. 

And with the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is a great time to make the switch if it feels right to you. For clients of mine who have taken this on board, they’ve felt an incredible shift of focus and energy. If you need help separating your goals and focus in this way, get in touch or take a moment and HOLA. And while you’re on a roll. Recommit to your big picture life goals with the Life Goals Planner.

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PS: If you need more guidance on separating out your goals in this way,  feel free to book in for a call with me, click here to book in for a 30-minute chat.

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