How to stop scrolling on social media

Procrastination is one of the biggest concerns I hear from clients.

And scrolling on Facebook or Instagram is one of the most cited culprits these days. I’m not immune to finding myself caught in a scroll cycle either but here are some of my methods for pulling myself out:


1. I give myself two more minutes and then I quit the app; or

2. I specify how many more posts or videos I’ll view – “Three more and then turn it off.”; or

3. I think about what the creator or subject matter is doing and give myself a stern talking to: “J Lo (or whoever I’m binging – that was my most recent binge!) doesn’t care if I make my quota this month/write my blog posts/get this done, so stop getting overly invested in her! She’s probably off getting her 100th movie done at the minute!”

Do things the 'old way'


I leave my phone at home on walks, runs, and quick errand trips to give myself a complete break. I find that this gives me the space to do life the ‘old way’ and make sure that I can still get by without my phone.

What all of these techniques do is put a limit on my scrolling and remind me of my priorities.

Do you have any other techniques that you use to those above?

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