Travel packing reflection and how to get over post-holiday blues

Great trip but then… post-holiday blues.

Taking the time to consider what you’re taking while travelling. This is a sure way to enjoy your trip to the max, no worrying, no fretting (evne if you get the post-holiday blues!). Equally important is to reflect on the return back as to what worked and what you need to change next time (let’s face it, there’s always a next time!).

So here’s what I took travelling when I went to America for 25 days. I had to have clothes for both warm and cold weather.

Straw hatPurple long sleeve topBlack leggingsToothpaste and brushFoundation (half full)
Black shoes for day/nightPink spotted teeBlack skirtDental flossClippers
Blush shoes for dayGrey gold leaf teeBlack-spotted scarfCombTweezers
RunnersWhite Creative logo teeBlack scarfPackaway scissorsNail board
Green Rains coatGrey with brown shoulders teeOne set PJs15 earbudsEyebrow pencil
Red Uniqlo down jacketNavy blue teeOne set workout gearConcealerDeoderant
Navy Uniqlo light jacketBlack and white striped camiFour socksMenstrual cupOlive oil
Navy cardiganNude camiOne beige braMakeup remover lotionCetaphil face lotion
Black long sleeve night topBlack jeansSeven undiesSunscreen (half full)Hair wax
White button-downLight green pantsFace wipesPrimerMascara

I used everything on that list, marking it off as I went. Surprisingly, the Packaway scissors (which were a last-minute throw-in) came in super handy! I was very glad multiple times over that I’d packed them.

Left behind:

  • Grey gold leaf tee (it retained smells at the armpits that even washing didn’t help with. Rather than bring it home, I decided to lessen my load and ditch it there) 
  • Green pants (I didn’t feel confident in these, so listened to the message and got rid of them. Great colour though, so will remember that for future purchases)
  • Hat (a cheapie from Kmart that really didn’t hold its shape by the end)

What I wished I’d packed:

  • Long socks (I ended up buying some over there, they make a cute souvenir now)
  • A few more layers, a jumper (there were a couple of days where I ended up wearing practically everything in my suitcase. Which made bending at the elbow difficult!)
  • Makeup remover pads
  • Coconut oil
  • A small almond milk (hard to get anything but cow’s milk in country USA)
Dealing with post-holiday blues

Coming back from the trip I had very bad post-holiday blues, here are some things that helped me bounce back:

  • Unpack immediately and put your bags away and get the washing machine going. This habit is the foundation for organising.
  • I made pancakes at home to recreate some of my favourite holiday tastes. You can also look up and master a favourite dish.
  • Declutter! You’ve been apart from your things for a while and you also managed to get by with very little. Ttake a look through your wardrobe and around the home. Donate things that are no longer working for you. And, as I did, think about the clothing you took with you overseas. Do you want to keep it in your rotation?

If you have an upcoming trip and need help to tackle packing – give me a call! I’d love to live vicariously through you 🙂

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