3 Things your goals really want from you

It’s a different angle on something that often we only think about from our own perspective. For some people it helps them commit to fulfilling their vision. Almost like the goal is now a person that they don’t want to let down, instead of just a thought they had one day which they figure would be nice to have or do eventually.

So what do they need from us?

Firstly, they need all the food groups! So get clear on the goal versus the activity and task! These three components are as important as protein, vegetable, and grain – and like a well balanced diet, they need to all come together.

Understandably there’s often a lot of confusion around what the difference is between these things. To put it simply, the goal is the “why” and the activities and tasks are the “how”. 

Think of it as a little pyramid:

  • First, at the top, are the Big Picture Goals – the destination
  • Next, in the middle, are the Activities – how to get there
  • Last, at the bottom, are the Tasks – specific action items

For example, let’s say you have a goal to “have a fulfilling career”. Your pyramid may look like:

Goal > start my own business and earn the same amount that I am currently.

Activities > Improve skills, launch website and network.


  1. Research short courses in the area. 
  2. Find networking events I can go to.
  3. Plan and write content for the website.

The mix needed

Think about your goal and the distinct parts that make it up. This way, if by chance you find you are unable to stick to your commitment, you can switch up your activities, rather than ditching your whole life vision and throwing in the towel on running a business when really it’s just that you don’t gel with Instagram. 

Secondly, goals need water. Lets see that as commitment. Give your goals the space and respect they deserve to blossom. Rather than shoving a goal to the side and abandoning it, reconnect to it again by asking yourself, why are you doing it in the first place? What’s your big why? There’s a very profound journaling exercise that has you write the question why and then answer it, over and over again. Try this if you’re unsure whether a goal is for you anymore or not. 

Consistency also comes into play here. I recently wrote about the importance of showing up again and again, and I can’t stress enough how important it is. Every little step adds up. 

Thirdly, goals need shelter. This is your home base. How are you looking after yourself and who’s on your support team? Who can you share this goal with? Who will keep you motivated when you feel like giving up? I have a mix of mentors, friends, and other business owners that together make up my support team. It takes a village to do this thing called life so who’s on your team?

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Check in with your goals. Are they being fed, watered and sheltered? What do you need to give them in order for them to still be healthy? Let me know!

Talk soon,

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