It may take a while but what else would you be doing?

Something I hear all the time is…

I want to set that goal but it’s going to take soooooooo long. 

In helping others set goals, I have to be very honest with them, it may take a long time. And they need to be realistic about the time it’ll take to produce a positive, long-term change in their lives. Habits that have taken 20 or 30 years to develop will not go away in a week. But often the dread of how long something will take will stop people from even starting.

Designing and achieving your best life takes time and that’s frustrating for sure but it’s also the reality. 

When I’m in the clutches of this unhelpful thought I think “well, what else am I doing?”

Turning point

And it reminds me of a story someone told me of debating whether they should go back to university or not for a degree. 

The degree was going to take three years and they were 56 years old, they felt too old (such a common limiting belief) and weren’t sure if they’d be able to get their head back into the headspace to study. 

The turning point for them was when they realised that either way, in three years time they were going to be 59 years old. It’s just that in one case they would have a degree and in the other, they wouldn’t. 

When they realised this, it was a no brainer. They committed and made it happen. I adore this story. It’s really helpful to keep in mind whenever you feel on the crux of taking on a new goal. 

It may be challenging, it may take a while, but it also might just be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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