Why having a winter coat pocket clean out is a good thing

Winter coat pocket clean out

Every so often during the heavy coat, winter season, I’ll make the effort of going to every coat I own and clearing out all of the pockets. Generally I’ll just be throwing out a bunch of tissues that have been worked to breaking point (my nose in winter is something else…  don’t even ask me about my nose when I exercise!). While emptying the pockets, I also have a tradition. I add a fresh pocket tissue to each coat’s left hand pocket – my future self always thanks me for this. It’s something simple but when you’re about to sneeze, it truly is like a gift from the universe/me.

Occasionally however, my winter coat pocket clean out delivers unexpected trips down memory lane. Especially early on in the season. This last week I wore one of my heavier coats for the first time and pulled this Post-it note out of my pocket (but no season old tissues, in case you were wondering).


Reading it made me smile – ah yes! Last year, I was President of the Milk Club at my work! I recalled those chilly mornings when I would make my way to the shops to collect the milk that gave all the Club members’ warming coffee and teas throughout the week. It was a nice memory and one that made me reflect on what choices I’ve made since.

So if you’re thinking that your pockets may need some attention, try approaching the task with a sense of curiosity and take the time to pause on what you may find; it might just end up being a pleasant experience!

If you find something of interest… share below!