Thinking about our To Do list in terms of how much time and energy something will take

Taking the time to plan your day in a way that works for you is an important step in being in control of your time.

There are two parts to this sort of planning: looking at the time available and checking in with your energy levels.

Time and Energy

Often, time and energy get caught up together in one bucket but they’re quite different. How much time we have is measurable. We can look at our calendar and see how many hours are already committed to meetings etc. and know that we have the time around them to get a few things done. But energy on the other hand ebbs and flows within each of us differently. 

If you’ve had a bad sleep then you won’t have quite the same amount of energy compared to days when you’ve woken up feeling bright and chirpy. And keep in mind that another aspect affected by energy is attention. On those days when you’re not feeling 100%, tasks that demand more of your attention will most likely feel harder.


Recognising the link between energy and attention means that you can make decisions about doing tasks when it suits you best. For example, if you’re someone who enjoys writing and can lose yourself in the task then it won’t take as much energy and focus as it will for someone who sees it as a necessary evil. So for someone who has attended a big meeting and is feeling drained, turning their attention to writing afterwards is not going to be fruitful. However, if they found the meeting energising, then writing afterwards will flow well. It all depends on the individual.

When you recognise the key differences between time and energy, you can then begin to sort your to-do list in a way that allows you to categorise tasks by time or energy, depending on how best works for you and your role. By keeping your energy in mind you can make the most of your time and turn ticking off your to-do list into a more easeful experience.

If you need more help with this – book a quick call with me! I’m happy to step you through it. 

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