Cheap cinema outings every day of the week

I love the cinema, but a cheap cinema makes me super happy! (2015)

Don’t you hate that feeling when you go to a movie, completely pumped but it wasn’t worth your time or the ticket price?

There are a number of ways that planning ahead means a cheap cinema outing:

  1. Eating your way to discount tickets. Cinemas often make deals with nearby restaurants. Like the Movie Stack deal at the Pancake Parlour. You get a short pancake stack and an adult movie ticket for $19. Plus loyalty points means cheaper food…
  2. Memberships. Most cinemas have a movie club. As a member, you get discounted movie tickets and food. There’s birthday bonuses and promotions like “see four films and get the fifth free”.
  3. Entertainment booklets. Some of the best deals for groups can be found in these.
  4. Unions, Insurance or Gym Membership bonuses
    • NRMA members get up to 35% off full priced Event Cinemas movie vouchers
    • CPSU members can buy a range of discounted movie tickets for a variety of venues (including outdoor and drive-in cinemas).

By far, the one making the biggest impression on me of is Qantas Movies.  I’ve only recently come across it and it’s great! By buying a minimum of four heavily discounted vouchers (capped at a maximum of 10 at a time) you collect Qantas Frequent Flyer points. So you’re spending money but also building up future savings. Some of the cinemas will only accept the vouchers printed out (annoying and not too environmental), but it works and it’s cheap.

The other day, I saw the new James Bond film, Spectre. Instead of paying $19, I had a voucher that only cost me $10. The added bonus was daydreaming about the clothes I’d get once my Qantas points grow into a lovely David Jones voucher. So… I didn’t really enjoy the movie but that’s okay! It was cheap!