What is each space’s purpose?

A good place to start, if you are feeling like an organisational overhaul is right for you but you aren’t sure where to start, is to think about each space’s purpose.

What do you want out of your house? Your room?

For me, I want my house to be a welcoming place of refuge that allows me to recharge and supports my life outside in the world and online. I want my room to be a place of comfort, to feel at peace when sleeping and also when prepping for the day ahead.

Now break it down further. In your room, say, what is each storage unit’s purpose? What is each shelf’s purpose? What do these areas house?

I have a shelf for home admin, a shelf for small jewellery and accessories, a shelf for knits and a shelf for larger knits. I sort my long shelf on the top of the wardrobe to store items that I don’t need often (dance and swimwear, my laminator, travel bags and my repair kit) but I don’t overcrowd it. It’s important for me to feel that everything has space to breath and to relax (a la Marie Kondo) but also the more orderly each shelf is, it’s easier to mentally flick through items when I may need something.

Thinking about each space’s purpose and where each belonging will call home will assist in streamlining your organising overhaul. By getting firmly in mind what it is you want to reflect back within the space, your overhaul gains direction and purpose. Good luck!