Carry On Ready

What to put in your carry on

The client I helped get ready and fabulous for Europe today asked for a checklist of what to put in your carry on. I get asked this a lot and thought I would share it.

When I fly international, I always have these things in my carry on:

1.    My travel wallet that holds all my documents

I adore my leather travel wallet from kikki K – in here I store my passport, ID, bank and other important cards, hard copy of my itinerary (never know with WiFi access or what not), international currency and when I get it – boarding passes and luggage tickets. And a pen for all those landing and boarding cards as well as a few small sheets of paper.

This is a good spot to say – make copies before leaving home. Copies of your passport, cards, itinerary, tickets, anything! Take a photo and save it in the Cloud, make photocopies and leave them at home. Take photos of your luggage and its contents in case anything should tear you apart. Also, if leaving your car in the airport’s car park – take footage so you have evidence of the state you left it in and can remember WHERE it is. If hiring a car also take footage – the peace of mind that you have evidence of how you received the vehicle gives such peace of mind.

2. Chargers, cables & adaptors

With my phone being my entertainment, my camera, my connection to the world, and my travel journal, I just feel more comfortable that all attachments related to it are within reaching distance. I’ve had flights delayed etc and it takes the sting out knowing that I can still tourist it up without fear of my tools running low on fuel.

3. A wrap (or large scarf)

I am always ALWAYS cold on planes. So a scarf is a must. It’s my blanket, my tent if I need to cocoon from the world, sometimes a pillow, and then just a jazzy accessory when in the airport and for the rest of the trip.

4. Medication and essential toiletries

I have pain relief and tummy settling pills on me pretty much everyday – so carry on is no exception. And especially if taking medication to a time table, it’s good to have it on hand rather than assuming you’ll be reunited with your luggage on time.

In regards to toiletries, I like to just have enough (within liquid limitations) to wash my face, brush my hair, clean my teeth (best simple pleasure ever!), smell nice, and put on a bit of makeup to feel half alive and maybe even photo ready.

5. A collapsible water bottle

These bottles are amazing. They flatten to almost nothing when empty, but when full can stand upright. I carry it through security empty and then fill it up at the bubbler stations. Very handy for those long waits or when you need to take medication.

6. Gum, lip gloss and hand lotion

On planes I am not only always cold but dry! SO dry! I’m constantly applying lip gloss, hand lotion and if not drinking water from said bottle above, am chewing on gum to get my saliva going.

7. One spare set of undies

It just feels so nice at the end of the flight to change into some fresh undies and if your luggage does go missing, having another pair on hand to have in rotation will be a life saver.

8. Something to eat

It’s hard to know when hunger will hit or to predict how filling air plane food will be. You can save yourself a bit of money at the airport and not worry about converting to local currency during a layover, by having a trail mix and some other goodies in your carry on.

And there you have it! Carry on ready!