What travelling teaches us about organising our space

Have you ever had the thought when booking travel, packing for travel, or dreaming of travel, “Well, I’m just going to end up back at home so I won’t go at all.”


I didn’t think so.

So what’s my point?

Well, my point is, is that you can learn from your holiday planning and travel and apply it to organising your space, however temporary such a space may be. To illustrate, I’ll tell you about a client I worked with who had moved into temporary accommodation with the intention of finding a more permanent situation shortly after. That was four years ago. Fast forward to the present and I was called in.

What we unpacked during a coaching session was that because my client had in mind that it wasn’t going to be a permanent situation, she hadn’t given items homes or laid her foundation. She’d unpacked things and moved things in from storage as they’d been needed always with the thought that they’d be packed up again soon. This meant that as time went on her needs of having a place to call home were eroded away until eventually she dreaded being at home and found excuses to not be there.

The thing is, is that no matter how long you end up staying in a space, it’s important to have purpose and find homes for your things. Just as with travelling, where you find yourself being taken out of YOUR home temporarily, you do eventually end up back at your residence. It’s a temporary situation, going to Peru, going to Fiji, going to Sydney, but you don’t think that it’s not worth doing just because you’ll end up where you started.

If you need help getting organised in the long term or short term accommodation, please get in touch.