Birthday Rewards


My birthday was last month and while this is a life hack, having fun while budgeting sort of post, it’s also a shout out to all the loyalty programs that made my birthday extra great! If you shop with these stores or have any interest in them, and aren’t yet a member of their loyalty programs I’d encourage you to sign up. Likewise, maybe stores that you do shop with have a similar program that you can become a part of and so enjoy some sponsored shopping through.

Metalicus scarf.PNG


Metalicus – $20

With the help of a $15 loyalty voucher, I got a scarf and a laundry wash bag.






Country Road – $20

I put this voucher towards a lovely grey top that my wardrobe has been lacking.




Pens.PNGKikki K – $10

I stocked up on pens with this fabulous pack of five.





Witchery – $20

I benefited from the 3 for 2 offer on socks. I love fresh socks more than anything in the world… lovely lovely.







Sportscraft – $20

On top of a super sale discount, this beautiful bag meant that I only spent $9.40 of my own money. Can’t wait to take it out for a spin!



Mimco – $30

Another year, and a new hair cut, which I feel demands new accessories! For only a few extra dollars, I picked up a set of fancy spancy Mimco slides – perfect to mark the occasion and change.



A great birthday haul if I do say so myself. Thanks again to these great loyalty programs and stores!

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