Four things to do when life gets too busy

Feeling overwhelmed? 

It’s a very strange time we’re currently experiencing. Whether you’re in Melbourne and going through another lockdown or not. I swing from feeling that it’s all very surreal, to feeling mind-boggled, to being okay with it and liking this ‘new normal’. I’m sure you’re facing your own array of reactions and doing what you can to adjust as well. It’s all we can do at the moment.

On top of adjusting to all this, you’ve also got to keep going on everyday tasks and demands from life and work. Completely understandable if things feel like they are getting out of control and that you’re simply trying to keep your head above water.

It may seem counter-intuitive and almost impossible. But STOP. Yes, take 10 – 20 – 30 minutes off of the next task you were scrambling to get done and stop. Planning saves time. Take a breath and run through your tasks. When you feel that you are up against more than you can possibly get done, review your list and apply these four options:

Four Options


Are there tasks, meetings, items there that just don’t fit anymore, that are outdated and that wouldn’t have too much impact if they didn’t get done? Just because we once did something or had an idea, doesn’t mean that they are all actionable or ongoing. Possibly there are tasks on your list and mind that someone else has given you that don’t align with your values or goals. Can you pass these back? Or check-in and see if it’s still on the other person’s agenda? If there’s ever been a time to stop doing things that no longer serve us, it’s now. And people are very understanding of that at the moment #silverlining


Are there some tasks on your list that perfectionism is holding you back on? Are there tasks that you think you need more time to get done than you actually do? Take things down a level from perfect to good enough and just get it done. Here is also a great area to see if you can streamline some processes – can you cut out some steps and still achieve the same outcome? How can you help yourself by making things smaller?


Are there tasks that someone else could be doing? A team member? A service? A family member? Could you outsource a task? Sometimes tasks are important but they don’t need to be done by us. It still gets done and by getting it off of your plate, more time is freed up for other more important tasks.


Can something wait? Does it have to be done this week, month, year? Delaying is not procrastinating, nor does it mean failure, it simply means that you are scheduling its completion for a later time. It’s smart time and energy management. Not only do you give your brain relief right now but you are giving the task its best shot of being done well rather than hurrying to do it now. Who knows, in the future, you’ll not only have better energy resources to tackle it but you may have learnt something between now and then that makes the whole item an easier experience than expected.    

Clear your plate

So there you go, four options you can turn to when feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do. Once you’ve reviewed what’s on your plate you can then turn your attention to the important items and know for sure that what you are currently working on is of importance. I do hope you take the time to do this for yourself, you deserve it.
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