Use vertical space to maximize your storage

Last week I was working with a client who’d pulled me in to look at a space that was causing her a storage dilemma. With my fresh eyes it became clear that to squeeze more storage space out of the small area that we were going to have to go vertical!

Going vertical really does increase the storage capacity available. And there’s usually a vertical option available in every room and space you can think of (pantries, wardrobes, garages).

For my client, adding more shelving fixed the problem. By working out what it was that needed to be stored, we designed shelving options that would be installed at the right height to accommodate everything.

Other ways of taking advantage of vertical spaces include:

Storage solutions that use that behind the door space (like the photo above).

This over the door option gave this bathroom an additional towel rack.

These shower buckets could also be used in pantries and in wardrobes.

Clever wall accessories get these tools out of the cabinets freeing up space.img_20170927_160158374482972.jpg

Using vertical space is often an overlooked and underutilized option. So when you’ve considered that all options have been explored, take another look at those vertical options and see if extra space doesn’t just open right up!

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