The concept of Groundhog Day

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the concept fascinates me and makes me think about what kind of day I’d like to repeat if I had the choice, and what I’d play around with. It’s an interesting thing to consider. What’s a day that you would repeat? Again and again? In a way, COVID and lockdowns brought this to reality. Do you remember what parts you wanted to retain and other parts you’re happy to see the back of?


Just like everyone’s choice for a Groundhog Day would be different, I believe that we all have a unique relationship with time. It’s different from my relationship to time, your family’s relationship to time and your employer’s relationship to time. Figuring out how we can best manage that relationship ensures that we start to see big changes in our productivity, efficiency and ability to nail our goals.

Through managing our time differently, I witness clients reducing stress and anxiety around to-do lists, deadlines and volume of work. Plus all the other ‘life’ things become much easier to manage when they feel in control and steady in their ability to get things done.

It’s not about cramming more into a day and the week but helping them find the inner stillness that allows for efficient and productive days that leave them feeling fulfilled and enthusiastic.

Living small

On a call with someone inquiring about working with me, I ran through how the process generally goes. It’s as unique as each client’s own relationship with time, so no engagement ever feels like Groundhog Day to me! This is what I said to the inquirer:

  1. Firstly, when we work together I take the time to learn your specific goals, desires and outcomes from our coaching sessions. I am invested in understanding exactly how you wish for our sessions together to change your life.
  2. Next, we outline any personal blockages around time, work, stress and responsibility that may be getting in your way right now. Putting together a plan to help you move past these blockages is a big and important step in our coaching program.
  3. Then, we prioritise your list, clear the mental clutter and start to implement efficiency techniques. We work in weekly sessions to stay on top of the overwhelm and in control of your goals.

To see just how unique and tailored each florandorder experience is you can read some of the gorgeous testimonials I’ve been honoured to receive here.

New perspective

So what if overwhelm felt comfortable… if it felt ‘whelm’ instead (#10thingsIhateaboutyou anyone?). Really try and imagine that. It’s tricky, hey? In part it’s because we wouldn’t quite get the message that we need. It would be missing the mark because it wouldn’t be alerting you to something that you know you need to change or address. Because no one changes something that’s comfortable or ain’t broke, right? 

This is a new perspective on overwhelm, so give yourself the space for it to grow on you. Observe it and see what is it showing you? 

Generally, it’s pointing out the edges of your capacity. Those edges aren’t static though, they can grow and change. So the next time overwhelm pops up it’ll be slightly different and it’s useful to take note of how different it does feel. But back to your current experience. What this current experience of overwhelm will do is stretch you so the next time a similar experience comes about you’re completely able to take it by the horns.

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If you would like some advice on how to understand your own unique relationship with time and how to stick to your goals (and achieve them) book a time for a chat

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