Keeping tights out of a twist

Istockings-699010 couldn’t survive winter without my opaque tights; they keep me warm and they help outfits look complete. I have several pairs in different denier grades that prepare me for whatever weather Canberra may throw at me.

They do all look the same though… that is a problem. To get around this I don’t allow them to get all up in each other’s space and get all knotty, instead I organise them by keeping them in zip lock bags. I save the front of the packaging and stapling it to the front, I make a note on the front of when I first used them.


This system is really useful because at a glance, I know essential information about my tights. Keeping the denier grade in mind helps me get dressed in the mornings – depending on the chill factor I can up my denier or take it down a notch.

Knowing how long I’ve used a pair of tights helps me decide when it’s time to refresh them. When it comes time to throw some tired looking ones out, I know how hard that particular pair has worked for me and without guilt I can buy myself new ones.

Shopping for new tights is easier too because I’m not left scratching my head trying to remember what my size is or wondering what brand I prefer.

There may be a ‘prettier’ way of organising tights but so far this system has served me well. Do you have a system that gets you through the winter with denier grade clarity?