Hat box? Tool Kit? Both?

This may look like just a decorative and beautiful hat box, but take the lid off and you’ll find everything needed to quickly mend or alter clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Inside the hat box you’ll find…

From top left to right

Lint brush – special velvet that quickly removes fluff and lint from clothing and other fabrics.

All Weather Protect All – Protectors help waterproof and protect everything from shoes and bags, to coats and outdoor equipment. I reapply several times throughout the year.

Anti static spray – Eliminates Static from clothing and hosiery and is a very  useful item to keep in the desk draw.

Craft glue – a water based adhesive, perfect for bonding paper, cardboard, wood, wool, fabrics and more; I use this for accessory repairs.

Leather conditioner – cleans, nourishes & restores leather, patent leather and accessories.

Leather hole punch – I got annoyed with having to go to someone every time I envisioned an additional belt or sandal hole improving an item, so I bought my own leather hole punch online – voila!

From bottom left to right

Thread and needle – I’m not a great sewer but I can patch a few holes and mend holey pockets if need be.

Lint shaver – ideal for use on a range of garments (especially winter knits) to remove those annoying balls of pilling and lint.

Dubbin – a wax product used to soften, condition and waterproof leather and other materials. Fun fact: Dubbin has been used since medieval times to waterproof and soften leather boots.

Superglue – I always have superglue on hand and will even take a tube when travelling. I use it on shoes, accessories and appliances. I buy an inexpensive pack of six from Dollar Stores or K-Mart.

Scissors – my scissors mainly help me out with cutting back loose threads which I can’t help but see when I look down at an outfit!

Craft and Jewelry Jaw Pliers – very useful for extending the life of costume jewelry through assisting in mending and alterations.

And that’s it for now. My tool kit expands as unique needs arise, and I’m often replenishing its contents. With that in mind, I’m off to the shops to grab some shoe polish which I am clean out of!

Do you have a tool kit at home? What else have you found invaluable?