Three FAQ about working with a Time Trainer

The top 3 questions that I’m asked about working with me:

1. What are your methods?

My method is generally to take a client through three stages.

The first stage is to put out the fires. My clients have called me because something has become too much. So this is what we deal with straight up. The immediate stressor is whatever is causing them the biggest pain and stress right now. We put out that fire and find strategies that they can immediately implement to fix things up and find that relief that they’re craving. 

Once we’ve got the fire under control we move on to the second stage. This is where we consider what we need to do to stop it from happening again. What routines, habits, and systems do we need to put in place and what tools do we use? I pull out all the productivity greats here and all the new tips and tricks that I know will work for the individual. I’m constantly reading and researching across many different areas to ensure that my “sushi train of methods” is able to satisfy my client’s needs. 

And then, finally, the third stage is how do we keep things running smoothly so that life feels really good and manageable. This stage is about finding flow. We have the space here to identify what’s working really well and where are there still weaknesses.  We’re able to focus on mindset, values, purpose, vision and mission here to set goals and bring it all altogether. It’s really amazing and I love the journey that I go on with my clients.


2. What’s your background? What’s making you do this kind of work?

I’ve always really enjoyed organising and was an Executive Assistant in another life. One day I came across a newspaper article about someone who was a professional organiser. That article really inspired me to consider that that might be a career choice for me. In light of finding such information and following the breadcrumbs that came out of that, I’ve ended up living a life that suits me and my energy levels so much more than traditional employment. So in the end, the catalyst for change has become my inspiration to help others change their realities and do time their way.


3. Why is the Holistic Time Mastery program 12 sessions long?

Just like someone can’t get fit by going for one session at the gym, it’s the same with getting better at holistically managing their time. Unpacking habits and creating new systems that work takes time and commitment.

There’s also the need to take into account learning retention. Have you heard of the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve? It’s incredible! It’s a memory model that demonstrates how we lose information that we’ve learnt over time if we don’t make an effort to retain it. What it shows is that within an hour we’ll forget 50% of what we’ve learnt, within 24 hours we’ll forget 75%, and within a week we’ll forget 90%! To improve the retention of learning, repetition and reminders are what are needed to embed new skills and keep us from falling back on bad habits.

That’s why the Holistic Time Mastery program is so flexible in its delivery. If someone needs 12 sessions one right after the other then they can do it that way but if it suits them better to spread them out over time then that’s doable too.

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