Holistic Time Navigator:
Illuminate Your Life Goals

There is power in physically writing out your goals. A scientific study has shown that you’re 1.2 – 1.4 x more likely to achieve your goals if you commit them to paper. The “Holistic Time Navigator: Illuminate Your Life Goals” tool lets you do just that!

Commit your life goals to paper and think of the first three steps that will help you achieve those goals, then write them down too.

This is a fun tool to help you think as grand and exciting as you can. It’s your life to live, you may as well enjoy yourself and achieve whatever is possible, right?
PS – This tool is the natural ‘next step’ once you’ve completed our HOLA tool, however it can be used by itself. 

What is it:

One-page printed worksheet.

How to use the “Holistic Time Navigator: Illuminate Your Life Goals” tool:

Download it now, print it out, grab a cuppa and get writing! You’ll then have a visual to motivate you about just what you’re aiming to achieve.

How long will this take to complete?:

This worksheet can take as short or as long a time to complete as you feel necessary. We suggest spending at least 45 minutes on really digging into your goals across all areas of your life + three action steps you can take to achieve them.

What do I do after I’ve completed the “Holistic Time Navigator: Illuminate Your Life Goals” tool:

Sit back and review what you’ve just completed – a goal plan for your life. Woo hoo! Now comes the time to dig into those three action steps on how to see your goals achieved. Is there something you can do today or tomorrow?
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