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Saulo Canny

Director at Canny Electrics

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  • Deadlines are extremely important. If you’re working in a group, using an online tool like Trello makes sure that you’re all on the same page. If Trello doesn’t suit your style, have a look around as there are many other collaboration tools that might be more suited.
  • Having regular and productive habits make the rest of the week feel more organised. It could be defined work out sessions, an hour put aside for baking or going to a regular calligraphy class. By having these regular times of your week blocked out, you have a strong foundation to build around.
  • Being effective with time management and productivity is not a one size fits all type situation. You might find that a way of doing something isn’t quite right and you need to research a new method, or hire a Productivity and Time Management Coach to step in and see the gaps that you can’t. It’s about investing and testing out something new to get the most value from your time.

Saulo Canny knows ‘A Grade’ electrics.

Saulo is the director of Canny Electrics. A fully licensed, 24/7 on-call service, with a wide directory of electrical contractors in Melbourne. They specialise in home automation and are ahead of the game when it comes to incorporating the latest technology into everyday life.

What tools do you use to stay organised?

  1. Trello, for work and personal task management.I use Trello as a business board that allows me to completely share and delegate individual and collaborative tasks with the office admin team.I also have a personal board where I label and tag things like things to do, personal and business ideas, new projects, follow-ups and important things that I need to go back to.
  2. Simpro which is our job management software. This is purely for work/jobs management where we do scheduling, recording and reporting.
  3. Phone calendar. I use my phone calendar to add all my personal activities such as dinner, catchups, meetings, flights, trips and recreational activities.

How do you organise yourself?

By keeping the foundation of my week in check.

It looks like this: I start my weekdays at 5 am with my personal routine and my daily meditation. Before going out, I’ll review what’s on for the day to make sure I will complete everything I need to. I exercise 2 times a week. The other 3 afternoons are free time for myself with some exceptions like needing to go and oversee a job or service a client and then Saturday and Sunday are all available time for me to do what I like.

What three things could someone do so they stay on top of all the latest technology?

  1. Stay tuned and informed, don’t close your mind. Remember when the Internet was released to the public and how things are now compared to 1991? Irrespective of whether you do or don’t like technology, it’ll be in your best interest to know what’s coming and so you’re not caught off guard if say things change suddenly.
  2. If you are a business owner or running a business, a great way to help get ready for future technology is to think ahead and write a plan for your business that includes how the newest technology will be incorporated into your company.
  3. Let’s go back to 2003 for a minute, do you remember your Nokia 1100? 4 years later the first iPhone came out and it has not stopped having a yearly release since. Another great way to prepare for future technology is to update all your stuff, especially if you have an old computer system or wiring for your home. By upgrading to the newer systems, you are making it that much easier to make the change to the newest technology.

If you’re in need of an excellent electrician in the Melbourne area, get in contact with Saulo and the team at Canny Electrics on 1300 522 464.

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