New handbag… what I had in mind and what I got

I’ve been a handbag-a-year type girl for a while now. I buy one handbag and use it pretty much every day for a year (depending on the quality of the chosen bag). I don’t like having to switch my stuff from one bag to another every day or even every few days, so I end up using the same bag throughout the week and it’s life span.

Here is an overview of the bags in my life:

  1. My everyday handbag;
  2. a duffel bag and a carry on suitcase that I can use for day trips and longer trips; and
  3. a couple of evening bags/special occasion bags.

My lifestyle helps shape my handbag criteria:

My criteria (based on the above and preferences made through trial and error over the years):

– straps long enough to fit easily over the shoulder, even if I’m wearing a coat;
– structured enough to not be floppy, but not too rigid and formal;
– a neutral colour (to go with black and brown boots and multiple coat colours) or a clashing colour that goes with everything because it goes with nothing;
– not too heavy;
– taller than it is wide, with plenty of space for a notebook and umbrella, plus other small odds and ends, without cramming;
– has a top zipper;
– hardware is not over the top or obvious;
– not a cross-body style;
– a couple of inside zip sections and an outside card slot;
– should stand upright by itself; and
– looks good whether it has a lot of stuff in it or just the essentials.

After recently spending a few days lugging about a shoulder strap bag and becoming increasingly distracted by the pain it caused, my search expanded to include fashionable backpacks in the options.

Which in the end is what I bought what I bought:

BackpackBackpack back

It ticks off most of my criteria, though it doesn’t have an outside pocket (on the back would have been perfect) and it would be great if the zipper was a double so access would be easier but overall I am incredibly pleased with this purchase. It’s a new look and style for me (backpack and shoulder bag) but I’m embracing it. Hopefully we’ll be together for a few years and so its cost per wear will continue decreasing and I can eventually say that it owes me nothing; though my back would argue that it is already worth its weight in (rose) gold.

3 thoughts on “New handbag… what I had in mind and what I got

  1. Awesome read! I just started using a new bag that I thought would be too small for me but due to it’s structure and sections within it, it’s pretty darn awesome and makes me able to find things easier. Sure I wish it was a little bit deeper but at least it gives me an insight into future bags to look at.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Insights help for even better future purchases!
      Sections are so handy. I’m sectioning out my new backpack with the use of a small toiletry bag that keeps my little things together.


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