Decision Fatigue SOS: Streamlining Choices for a Smoother Day

We’ve all felt that kind of blinding overwhelm before. The thing about feeling overwhelmed is that it often stops you from taking ANY action. Even though there are fifty things that need your attention, you feel stuck and unsure how to proceed, and what to tackle first.

The truth is, by taking a few small steps in organising everything you “need” to do, you can make a huge difference to your mindset and you start to feel in control and confident in your actions.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, this worksheet can help.

It will help you to take all those roaming thoughts (even the ones that wake you up at 2 am) and organise them on the worksheet, ready for you to tick them off and get on top of *life* again.  

What is it:

One-page printed worksheet

How to use the worksheet:

Download now, print out, grab a cuppa and get writing. You’ll then have a visual reference of all your to-do’s to carry with you or keep on your desk.

The time involved to complete this tool:

This worksheet should take you maximum 10 minutes to fill in, but it depends on how much you have going on in your life right now!

What to do once you’ve completed the worksheet:

The real work starts once you have all your to-do’s written down on paper. Start working through the list one by one. Should you need any assistance, or want to chat with me about how we can work together one-on-one please email me at:

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