Productivity Accelerator

Supercharge Your Productivity: 

Take Control of Your Time and Stay on Top with a Tailored Action Plan

Nothing worse than starting the week with a full Inbox of overdue things and disorganised files.

The new demands are already rolling in but you haven’t closed the loop on last week, or year’s tasks yet. 

How are you supposed to get on top if you’re not even caught up?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

And it’s easier than you’d think to stop this tidal wave!

But it starts with clearing the decks and A PLAN.

“The time that I have gained back from Christie’s guidance has been invaluable”
- Dean D

Who’s a good fit for this offer?

  • You are avoiding your to-do list, snoozing calendar reminders and feeling stuck in a rut at work.
  • You feel as though for all your hard work and effort, you’re not making any progress on your to-do’s.
  • You’re feeling constantly overwhelmed and overworked, maybe emotional and insecure about your workload.

If you need a burst of strategy and direction to feel more confident in working through all-the-things you have on your plate right now, then this is for you. 

During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to gain essential time management skills tailored to your unique circumstances. Mastering these skills will significantly enhance your effectiveness – setting you up for success.

Sometimes all it takes is three hours of dedicated strategy to help you clear some of the blockages you’re experiencing right now around time and calendar overwhelm.

"The simple skills and knowledge Christie has shared with me have completely changed the way I approach my work"
- David W

What’s Included In Your Productivity Accelerator?

⏰ 1 x 3 hour video call session

In our potent three-hour session, we’ll review your digital workspace organisation, your workflow and your calendaring skills. We’ll also address your most pressing can’t-get-through-it issue. You know that one that’s completely overwhelming you and stopping you from working at your best? It might be a business goal or a personal goal. It all comes back to time! Together we’ll formulate an effective solution and layout easy steps for you to follow so you can start feeling confident in your ability to achieve. Then we’ll practice some simple yet effective habits and create some goals for you to work towards.

At the end of the session, you’ll feel more confident in getting what needs to be done, you’ll feel sorted without the stress. Think of your session as getting a shot of adrenalin. It’s your chance to face your biggest time management issue and get the help you need from a professional Holistic Time Trainer (that’s me!)

⏰ 1 x Emailed Plan of Action

From our session, I’ll have a surplus of notes, suggestions and tools to send you to help in implementing your learnings.

Together you and I would have drawn up a simple yet effective plan for you to follow.

If it’s necessary I can send complimentary worksheets to assist you in clearing the overwhelm and working through the areas you find most troubling right now.

⏰ 1 x 15 minute accountability follow up session

From our session, you’ll be given a new sense of what is truly achievable when you clear your time boundaries, organise your calendar and work through the steps I give you.

The hardest part is working through the steps and keeping yourself on target. So the check-in accountability call is designed to give you an extra leg up in your implementation.

⏰ Ongoing support

These skills are for life. You can return to your learnings and action plan again and again. It’s evergreen. Should you feel the need for extra support, however, or you gain so much value from our session that you want to investigate more ways to work together, you’ll be invited to join me for one-on-one coaching.


Investment $900 plus GST

“The most productive week in years"
- Johanna

How To Schedule Your Productivity Accelerator Session

Grab a time and pay here.

> If you’d like to ask me something about the session you can book a 15-minute call here

What if I need to cancel

Get in touch 48 hours beforehand and we can work out a solution. Otherwise, the session is considered redeemed.

A personal note from Christie:

I’m glad you’ve landed on this page, because it probably means I can help you! During your session, we’ll drill down on some of your issues causing you overwhelm PLUS give you real tools and strategies that you can use right away.

You’ll start to feel refreshed and less anxious about the to-do list, plus be armed with some tools to overcome the ‘have so much to do’ overwhelm.

We’ll be able to set in motion the changes that will shift your confidence in getting-it-all-done and let you breathe a little easier come Sunday evening. 

The powerful changes that I’ve witnessed with my clients have been profound. By making small but mighty changes you will start to see big shifts in your every day.

I’ve got you covered. I can help you get back on track. 

I’m looking forward to working with you!


“The simple skills and knowledge Christie has shared with me have completely changed the way I approach my work”

“Helped me to improve and structure my weekly calendar and prioritising skills”

“Makes things that appear difficult seem a lot easier”

“I have the tools to organise my life without feeling overwhelmed”

“I felt empowered”

“The most productive week in years”

The Productivity Accelerator includes:

  1. A 3-hour video call session: We’ll review your digital workspace organisation, workflow, and calendaring skills. Together, we’ll address your most pressing issue and create a solution with easy steps to follow, helping you feel confident and stress-free.

  2. An Emailed Plan of Action: After the session, you’ll receive notes, suggestions, and tools to implement your learnings. We’ll create a simple yet effective plan tailored to your needs, with complimentary worksheets if necessary.

  3. A 15-minute accountability follow-up session: You’ll gain clarity on achievable goals and receive support in implementing the steps we discussed.

  4. Ongoing support: You can revisit your learnings and action plan whenever needed. If you desire further support or coaching, additional options are available.

Investment: $900 plus GST