How cutting out the middle man can help you achieve a better result

A recent client was looking to simplify his living space to better appreciate his surroundings. Through ulitilising flor&order’s decluttering services by committing to a Personalised Organising Session we began working in the bedroom. The first thing I noticed were small recycle and garbage bins in the room. Positioned against the wall and close to the bed, they stuck out quite obviously.

Having been on a tour of the house previously, I knew that the kitchen, and the larger refuse bins, were close by. Playing around with ideas as to how to maximise/declutter the space, I asked my client if he’d thought of removing the bins from his bedroom – this was a completely new idea for him. I suggested that since the kitchen was quite close and his rubbish would end up there anyway, that eliminating the small bins would be an improvement. Though reluctant, my client decided to count the steps from his bedroom to the kitchen to see just how close it really was – turns out that it took him ten steps.

Needing further convincing, he spoke of the convenience of having bins directly where he needed them. In other words, he feared going to kitchen might interfere with task completion. Eventually though, he concluded that it wasn’t a big deal to leave a can or a napkin at the door as a reminder to take it when he was heading towards the kitchen.

Easing into change, the bins were then removed from his bedroom which opened the space up and cleared the air. My client commented that he hadn’t realised just how close he had been sleeping to a pile of rubbish. This simple act and a change of habit, simplified his living space, cut down on the time it took to empty bins and offered him an opportunity for better quality sleep. It also improved the flow and appearance of the room.

So, have a think, is there something in your living space that you could do without or rearrange and so improve the overall environment?

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