Do you ever feel that you are working without a purpose?

You know how some people know what they want in life but don’t know how to get there?

They feel behind in their own life plans and purpose? Goal setting overwhelms them and they feel stuck and paralyzed. 

Whenever we aren’t living our lives with goals or intent, we can feel like we’re going through the motions. And it’s a horrible feeling. Really lacklustre and quite dull.

What I do is help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by helping them clarify their goals and then apply that to time management systems. This way they have support and direction and are investing time in activities that actually allow them to make progress toward their goals.

To get someone shining again, one of the first things I do with a client is to determine why they are doing the things that they have on their plate. Often people are feeling as though they are doing things simply for the sake of doing things or because someone else needs them to do it. Without direction, it’s all too easy to forget how things are contributing towards something that you want.

Kicking Goals

In fact, there was this incredible client who completely changed their relationship with time. They’d been struggling for months trying to make progress on their goals but weren’t seeing any. What we did after checking in that the goals were still relevant was to help them set up systems. These systems helped break the goals down into milestones and were able to be blocked out in their schedule. They’ve just been so happy to be clear of the mental clutter and are thrilled to be seeing progress on their goals.

And another wonderful client was always running late for things, both personal and business things. Through coaching we were able to develop new habits that realigned with his values and goals. He went from always being late to being regularly on time and he’s still improving. He’s finding that he enjoys the important things in life a lot more now and sees progress is areas that were lacking before.

I also fondly remember working with a busy mum running her own business who was really struggling to keep on top of the juggle. She was writing notes on scraps of paper, had multiple notebooks for different tasks and was feeling completely scattered. What I did was spend a few hours with her and clarify the goals and priorities in her life. We got her feeling much more in control of her to-do list through reframing exercises and reminding her of where the to-do’s fit. Then we set up really simple systems for getting all her thoughts down, which we then transferred to short, medium and long-term goal tools. She said it made everything feel more achievable and she’s just so happy to be back on track.


Getting clear on a few goals and figuring out the first few specific and bite-sized steps to start moving towards achieving them, helps get the feeling of purpose back into life.

By focusing on a few meaningful goals that you are truly passionate about, you’ll feel the ripple effect across all aspects of your life. It’s really quite amazing!

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My program called ‘Design and Achieve Your Best Life: Goal Setting’ helps make achieving your goals a reality. If this sounds like exactly what you need, please call me and let’s discuss further.

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