Two ways to keep simple tasks off of your to do list

Every day things will come up that need attention. Related to personal items, household, work, future dreams and fun. Some of these things will have to be done at a later date and should be added to a to do list. However, some simple tasks can be ticked off as they come up.

If you’re able to do the task as it comes up I find it’s less effort to ‘Just do it!’ rather than taking the time to add it to a to do list and think about when else to do it.

A method that I’ve found works well is to collect a bunch of these tasks and simply plan to have a ‘Pottering Marathon’ – there’s nothing I love more than a home day and just having the time to potter and see what pops up as I move around the house and check in with my possessions. I find these times rather cathartic and a good grounding exercise. A Pottering Marathon can go from mending a shirt, changing a bulb, cleaning the windows, making a call, to consolidating my household’s collection of plastic bags.

Between doing simple tasks as they arise and having the space for a Pottering Marathon where you can come across simple tasks while being able to action them, you may be surprised as to how much more efficiently your life can run.

Organising heart, head, and home