To donate or not?

I often hear “No one would want that… would they?” when people are going through their possessions in the aim of cutting back.

As long as the item is in good condition and can genuinely continue doing its function elsewhere, my answer is “You just don’t know”.

For example, take this grey light pinstriped blazer that I picked up at my local Op shop – it was tailor made in Vietnam and just happens to be my size. Not only that but the sleeves hit my forearm at just the right spot and it was exactly the colour I was looking for. Made my day! I couldn’t believe my luck!

If the owner before me had not donated the blazer because they thought it was too specific to their measurements and taste, I’d never have found it. So if it’s time for something to leave your life and it ticks the good condition box, why not let it try and find another home out there? You just don’t know whose day you may make!