Time Management School

Nine Weeks to get Time Fit!

  • Are you constantly naffing about?
  • Never able to achieve anything?
  • Too busy to set time and intention to live your life?

This course will give you a fresh slate so you can design and live life your way. A chance to peel back the busy layers and to actually live your life with intention and by design. Leaving you in control and happy. 

My promise is that when you apply the insights and tools of this course, you will be set up for and achieve an amazing 2021. 

I further promise that this will help you reduce stress, prioritise what’s important, you’ll feel better about where you’re spending your time, and ultimately live your best life. 

I’ll be with you throughout the program, helping you:

  • Get really clear on your goals and actions for 2021
  • Put into practice the time management principles in a clear and practical way so you don’t have to do any further research
  • Get in the driver’s seat of managing your time and life!

Over nine weeks you will...

  • Identify what’s working and what’s not with your current Time Management abilities;
  • Understand your unique energy cycles, energy sources, and working preferences;
  • Define and gain clarity of your big-picture goals and select activities to help you achieve those goals;
  • Build a schedule around your own custom set of priorities and choices reflecting your best life;
  • Learn the technical skills to protect your balance.


  • Weekly 60-minute Zoom (small) group calls
  • Weekly accountability 1:1 calls
  • Supportive Facebook group for Q&A’s
  • Worksheets

Investment $1,349. Payment plans available.

If you want 

  • greater support, 
  • greater structure, 
  • and greater certainty 

to achieve Time Management fitness, then this is the program for you!

Get Time Management fit in a lovely group environment with my help 100% along the way.

Christie xx

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