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Christie helped me face my fear of my overflowing garage. We had a chat over a coffee
which relaxed me and helped me realise why I was avoiding the task. Together we sorted and cleared my garage and I actually didn’t want to stop!


Christie helped me on my project to organise my wardrobe. By categorising and sorting my clothes by colour and season I was able to make use of my wardrobe space. I went from thinking that I needed more space to realising that I had just enough. Getting ready is much easier now and I find that the system Christie helped me put in place has made putting items back in place no longer difficult.



Liz C.

Christie single-handedly changed my life! With her resourcefulness and can-do attitude I was amazed with how we were able to make things suit my needs and to work for me. I feel much more confident to change things to work for me after having worked with her.


I wanted to remember more of what I’ve done and experienced over the past months and Christie introduced to me to the idea of using a calendar as a collection point for mementos. I adopted it immediately and it has definitely improved my memory. I recall places I’ve eaten at and the yummy food I ate there now, the movies I’ve seen and loved, and the races I’ve had so much fun participating in. This is working for me and I look forward to adding stuff to my calendar – even my partner reminds me to grab something to put on my calendar!

See my post on mementos here.


I loved working with Christie to declutter my wardrobe. She guided me with sensitivity and patience, allowing me to reach decisions on my own. We talked through reasons why I wanted to hold on to certain pieces and she encouraged me through awareness and learning to let certain pieces go when I was hesitating too much. Christie helped me create fun outfits with items I love but wasn’t sure what to do with. By the end of our time together I was able to reduce my wardrobe by about half!

Using storage devices I already had, Christie also re-arranged my workout clothes on to one shelf. They were no longer scattered in various places around my wardrobe, but were arranged neatly and easy to access.

After my session, simply walking into my wardrobe has been a joy! I could clearly see what items I own, and I feel a rejuvenated sense of excitement for my clothes as each piece is something that I love. I continue to feel joy and excitement each time I get dressed as I know that every item is getting the wear it deserves, and is a true reflection of who I am.


And Alice’s partner said:

I thought [the work in the garage] was going to be good but I’m actually flabbergastered. This is amazing!