The Magic Makeup Brush Tree

Washing my makeup brushes is something I know I should probably do more often as it’s better for my face and overall hygiene. And although I’ve watched several videos on YouTube in attempts to find a method that streamlines the process and inspires me (or scares me) to do it more regularly, I still find it all quite tedious.

A part of the process that especially takes up way too much of my head space is the drying component. While waiting for the brushes to dry it’s at the back of my mind that they may be suffering sun damage, or that they’ve fallen to the ground, the bristles snapping and getting contaminated, or that dogs are using them as chew toys. To avoid these scenarios, I’ve tried different methods such as laying the brushes out on towels near windows (annoying because one side of the brush ends up getting misshaped) and I’ve used hair ties to hang each one upside down on towel rails (VERY time consuming).

But my days of stressing are over because this brilliant contraption. I found it on eBay by accident when I was looking for a makeup brush roll/bag and instead this caught my eye – a Makeup Brush Tree. I took a chance, ordered one and to date I have used it three times. And so far so wpid-20150524_195425-1.jpgwpid-20150524_190317-1.jpggood, the brushes are fully supported, they feel as though they aren’t going to fall on the ground and they are able to dry completely up ended. This ensures that no water can run into the brush and destroy the glue holding the bristles together. The tree also comes apart for easy storage when not in use, so my bathroom remains tidy and uncluttered. Just how I like it.

This experience also reminded me as to why I like eBay so much. You just never know what a word phrase will lead you to discover. So thank you, eBay, for reducing my first world problems by one more notch!


Quick! I have a wrinkle!

The other day I found myself confronting a huge wrinkle down the middle of a silk shirt I was wearing. Standing in front of the mirror, I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t that bad, that no one would notice but I didn’t feel right and the wrinkle continued to mock me. I tossed up my options, which would be easier? Putting together a different outfit or dragging out the ironing board and waiting for the iron to warm up? Then I recalled this travel tip from one of my favourite YouTube channels, Sonia’s Travels.

Feeling confident, I headed to the bathroom and in under a minute the wrinkle was gone.

My poor little travel hair dryer has stayed at home since this tip convinced me that having full power while travelling does matter. To be fair though, I didn’t need that much convincing, my hair and travel hair dryer haven’t ever been a match made in heaven.

Check out Sonia’s method below:

How do I tie thee? Let me count the ways…

Scarves… I love them. I have a lot of them in an array of colours, lengths, widths and weights and I use them throughout the year. I’m often adding to my collection and I’ve made it a habit to look at the sale racks, even though I will need to enforce a ‘one in one out’ policy very soon.

A scarf brings out different elements in an outfit and depending on texture and colour can change an entire outfit’s vibe. I’ve used scarves to formalise an outfit, make something more casual and up the rock chick or preppy look or alternative feel of another. Plus I’ve found them useful for covering up an ugly neckline or stain, making previously unuseable tops employable again.

In winter, scarves offer another cosy and warm layer and I rarely leave the house without one. I also find that scarves serve to make the same winter coats look different throughout the season which has often saved me from boredom.

In summer, a light scarf protects me against the sun and comes in handy when moving between the heat of outdoors and the freezing air-conditioning at work and shopping centers. I’m never without one when I go to the movies in summer – there’s a reason tickets sell out on heat wave days – bbbbrrrrr!

When I travel, scarves become my blanket, an emergency eye mask, a pillow, an easy way to accessorise, and of course they provide warmth or sun protection depending on the season.

It’s easy to find yourself putting on scarves the same way over and over again. Learning a few different ways to wear scarves not only helps you shake up your routine but also lets different elements of a scarf play out (colours in prints, fringes etc). This Youtube clip has been around for four years now but is still a great resource for inspiration. My favourites are the Bunny Ear, DIY Infinity, the Celebrity and the Waterfall. Pick one and give it a go this week! Think of it as a scarf challenge…