Florandorder’s Style Story

My Style story was kick started in 2010.
I was gifted the book What Not to Wear by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine. This was instructional in getting me to start thinking about my body shape and experimenting with clothing styles.

Also in 2010 a very dull job ‘made’ me an eBay addict. The low prices and brand names blinded me and I bought way too much stuff, which mostly didn’t fit or suit me.

I made the most of said eBay purchases and experimented with getting things tailored and altered. Some of my experiments ended up working but mostly they were beyond lost causes. However, I don’t see this episode as a waste of money or time as I learnt a lot about style, fabrics and how different cuts made me feel.

At the beginning of 2011 I started getting serious about fitness and losing weight.

While I was making my way towards a stable healthy weight, I saved my money and didn’t buy any new clothes. Although at times I felt frumpy and my clothes didn’t sit well (and I gave up on pants all together), what kept me going was that I knew that the reward would be great. I knew that when I was finally ready to invest in a good quality capsule wardrobe that it would last me years and years. This also cemented in my mind that I was going to maintain my new lifestyle and healthy weight.

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